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Jesus is real

The heart of White Fields Kids Church is to provide our kids with the whole counsel of God’s word in a fun, hands-on environment. Children learn about Jesus through games, music, and art. We are
passionate about serving our kids by loving them and discipling them to love Jesus and others above all things.

Flex Discipleship

GRADES 5 – 7: Last year we began a Sunday morning class for kids that focuses on discipleship with an emphasis on faith and apologetics. We have already begun to see the fruits of this ministry in our kids as they grow in a boldness to proclaim the gospel in an intimidating and often antagonistic world. Hard questions are asked and God’s Word is sought in order to equip our kids in a firm foundation for their growing faith.
Servant Leader: Steven Brown

Kids Church

GRADES K – 4: At White Fields we don’t see our Kids Church as a program, but a powerful ministry that works in the hearts of our kids and impacts them for life. Kids worship together, memorize bible verses, study God’s word and develop important relationships. Our heart is for God’s word, love, and Spirit to take root in our kids so that they would know and experience Jesus in a real way equipping them to stand in His grace and to fully know His love for them.
Servant Leader: Steven Brown


AGES 3 – 5: Little kids learn about Jesus and the Bible through music and art. Adult leaders have a heart to love these little ones and to display Jesus’ love to them in a safe and fun environment.
Servant Leader: LeAnn Snyder


AGES 0 – 2: A safe, comfortable, and fun atmosphere is provided for your little ones with caring and tender trained volunteers. Nursing moms are more than welcome to use the nursery during the Sunday services too! This is a wonderful place of fellowship for little ones and their parents.
Servant Leader: Julie Schweizer

White Fields Youth

GRADES 7-12: It is our desire to encourage, equip, and strengthen our youth to grow in an understanding of their Creator and Saviour. Our teenagers spend time in God’s word and develop life-long relationships giving them a unique support system. We want our youth to be bold with the gospel to reach out to this world in love and authenticity. Youth meet several times a month at our “Standard” nights, at St. Martin’s gym for games as well as a variety of other awesome activities. Please see our events calendar for dates!

Young Adults

For young men and ladies between the ages of 18 – 30: There are several reason why think it’s ultra important that our young adults make it intentional to be together. 1) for relationship/connection, 2) growing in God’s Word together, 3) discovering that actual life is in Jesus and 4) relationship/connection.

Younger adults, college and career, 20 somethings,…whatever you call yourself you need to join us on Tuesdays at 6:30pm. We talk about real life, get into the scriptures, and have a lot of fun together. This is an incredible opportunity to develop some amazing relationships and to see that you are not alone on this journey in life with Jesus.

Get in touch with us for more information.

Body Life Groups

Life in the Body of Christ exists within the context of relationships. Church life is not just an activity we do each Sunday morning but an ongoing lifestyle that is lived out with one another. It is our conviction at White Fields that this is not a methodology, but an overflowing of the Spirit, at work in the live’s of all believers, as we love, serve, and minister to one another.

Body Life groups are one way we pursue ongoing fellowship throughout the week. We commit to meet together for the purpose of worship, Bible Study, and  exercising  spiritual gifts to edify and build up one another.

We meet in homes throughout Airdrie and the surrounding areas several times throughout the week. Wherever you live or whatever day you have available, there is a group for you to join.

Please contact for more information.

Men's Ministries

At White Fields it is our desire that men be discipled and given opportunities to serve and use their gifts for building up of the saints. To this end, we have weekly morning prayer, breakfast fellowships, bible studies and other events that unite men in the upward calling to make Jesus Lord of their lives and to stand firmly in His grace.

Please see our church calendar for full list of dates and times. If you have further questions please contact

Ladies Ministries

The Ladies Ministry at White Fields is built upon the love of Jesus that heals, strengthens and grows those who call upon His Name.

Our Ladies Ministry wants to nurture this by hosting regular bible studies, prayer gatherings, and breakfast  fellowships where women can encourage each other in the strength and love of our Lord.

Please see our church calendar for full list of dates and times. If you have further questions please contact


Our prayer is that a lifestyle of musical worship would be our natural response to knowing who God is through His word. Our worship of God may be expressed in many forms. Throughout scripture God consistently expresses His desire for us to sing His praises through music and song.

We see music as an integral part of our worship of God and our proclamation of Jesus. Thus, we focus on songs that declare biblical truth which in turn stirs our hearts to a spiritual, intellectual and emotional response to the work of Christ in our lives. The music at White Fields isn’t just filler on Sunday mornings before a sermon. It is essential for our spiritual health. Worship of Jesus should be our greatest desire!

Musicians, singers, worshipers – Thursday evenings our teams meet together to worship. If you would like to join us this is an amazing way to get connected and to use your gifts and talents for the edification of the Body. If you would like to join us, let us know! Email

START! Study for New Believers 

START is a study that gets down to the basics of the Christian faith. It’s for helping those who are young or new on this journey to build a strong foundation. It’s also a helpful environment for those who are simply inquiring about Christianity and the claims of Christ.

Calvary Next - School of Ministry

A year long discipleship ministry committed to guiding believers to grow in their walk with Jesus, to serve one another in the Spirit, and to understand their place in the Body of Christ.


It is our privilege to take care of one another by preparing full meals for people who are sick, have had a baby, an accident, or death in the family. Anyone who wishes to receive from this ministry, or to serve by providing an occasional meal, please contact

Phone: (587) 997-4886


White Fields Ministry Centre and Office 111, 2966 Main St. South Airdrie

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