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We want to make Jesus known. We are focused to support both global and local missions through prayer, financial support, and by sending people out to serve a lost world that desperately needs Him.

ISRAEL Mission Trip & Biblical Tour
In February 2019, we will be taking a team to Israel for 5 days of ministry and 5 days of touring. Our time will be full of serving, loving, worshiping, and growing in God's Word together. We will walk where Jesus walked and experience some great teaching and fellowship together. Please contact Pastor Garret  or contact [email protected] for more information or to register!

A Hope For All Nations
This local ministry engages other cultures in the love and message of Jesus with a focus on serving and ministering to our refugee population. Contact Maurice Kandalaft or email [email protected] to get involved!

Church Planting
Steve & Laura Cyr
Calvary Chapel Bourge, France

Marcio & Patricia Gonclaves
City of God : A mission, led by Pastor Marcio from Calvary Rio, to plant a church in the heart of one of the most dangerous poverty-stricken slums in the world. Ruled by drug lords and crime, this area of Rio de Janeiro is desperate for God's rescuing. We are praying that Jesus shines His light in this dark place. Please be praying for Pastor Marcio, his family, and his team. 

Church Partnership Evangelism
The purpose of CPE is to make disciples and to plant church planting churches. We pursue this outcome through encouraging dynamic partnerships where churches prioritize and pursue a joint work in personal evangelism and disciple making throughout the world.

If you have any questions about our current or upcoming missions or you would like to know more about our heart for missions please contact us at [email protected]

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