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Church life is not simply an activity we do each Sunday morning but an ongoing lifestyle that is lived out with one another. 

We need each other. Our relationships with one another in the Body of Christ is how God works to encourage, strengthen, and transform us so that we continue to grow in our walks with Jesus. 

Body Life groups are our way of fuelling and cultivating ongoing fellowship throughout the week. If we are to be followers of Jesus it is crucial that our hearts are woven together in love as we live our lives with one another. Through consistent dialogue, prayer, and time in God's word the journey of being a disciple is nurtured. We want to make Jesus Lord of our lives, to become more Christ like, and to be committed to His mission of love on earth. This is only possible if we are in this process relationally with other maturing believers. (See Matthew 4)

There are several groups within Airdrie and the surrounding area for you to get involved with (see below). Please feel free to contact a group host, talk to Pastor Dan McIver on Sunday morning or at 403.279.0880 or email admin@whitefields.ca about getting connected!

Body Life Groups & Meeting Times

BLG One - Airdrie

Leaders: Rod & Susan Deneve (403-948-2339)

Hosts: Rod & Susan Deneve

Time: Tuesdays - 7:00pm

Address: 159 Woodside Road, Airdrie

BLG Two - Rural East (Balzac)

Leaders: Tim & LeAnn Snyder (403-990-8041)

Hosts: Tim & LeAnn Snyder

Time: Tuesdays - 7:00pm

Address: 290234 Township Rd 264

BLG Three - Airdrie

Leaders: Steve & Charleen Brown (403-636-1097)

Hosts: Jim & Helen Letkeman

Time: Tuesdays - 7:00pm

Address: 151 Maple Way, Airdrie

BLG Four - Airdrie

Leaders: Garret & Kara Mourn (403-991-3972)

Hosts: Colin & Michelle Duffy

Time: Thursdays - 6:30pm

Address: 517 Morningside Park, Airdrie

BLG FIVE - Rural West (Madden)

Leaders: Dan & Ev McIver (403-279-0880)

Hosts: Joshua & Joceyln Poffenroth

Time: Wednesdays - 7:00pm

Address: 282731 Symons Valley Rd. Madden

BLG SIX - Airdrie

Leaders: Garth & Eunice Carter (403-612-0701)

Hosts: Chris & Sarah Wensley

Time: Thursdays - 7:00pm

Address: 112 Midtown Court, Airdrie

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