White Fields Calvary Church

Rock Talk & Agape Feast

Mar 25 - 1:00pm

Rock Talk isn't a normal annual general church meeting. Leadership will give a financial report, share their vision, answer questions, and express their heart for ministry. Most of all though, we want to praise God because He is building His church! Lives are being changed by the working of the Holy Spirit and the power of God's Word. Jesus is our head Shepherd and we want to give Him glory.

Rock Talk will take place after our monthly Agape Feast. On the last Sunday of every month we share in a potluck style lunch after the Sunday service that we call an agape feast. There's always a lot of amazing food and even better fellowship!  Please bring a dish to share (about the size that would feed a family). If your last name starts with A-M please also bring a dessert and if your last name starts with N-Z please also bring a salad.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

LOCATION: St. Martin de Porres High School


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