White Fields Calvary Church

Family Hike

Sep 9 - 1:00pm

Jura Creek leads through two canyons that are a lot of fun to explore for adults and kids alike. It's a rocky trail in a creek bed, so there is will be a bit of rock-hopping and potential for wet feet. At this time of year the creek is slow and shallow. If you and/or your kids enjoy a bit of exploring, come join us. I'm not sure how far we'll go, but the goal is to explore at least as far as the second canyon. A rough guess is that we'll travel up to 8 kilometers. We'll play it by ear and see how the group is doing. Come with a sense of adventure and a change of socks and shoes! For those who want to stay for a picnic after the hike, bring food along for that. If the fire ban is lifted we can roast hot dogs, but if not, prepare a cold picnic.

Location: We'll meet at the trailhead for Mount Yamnuska. I'm driving a dark purple, two-door Honda Civic. I'll also be holding a sign for White Fields family hike. I'll try to park near the entrance to the parking lot. From there we'll caravan to the Jura Creek trailhead,which is small pull-out a few kilometers up the road that isn't signed.

Date/Time: September 9th, 1:00PM. Please be on time for this hike! We'll leave Yamnuska for Jura Creek at 1:15 sharp.

What to bring: ~Hat/sunscreen/sunglasses ~Good footwear ~Snacks ~Drinks ~Sweater ~Jacket ~Small first-aid kit ~Extra footwear at the car for when we get back ~Picnic supper for after the hike if staying.

We hope to see a number of you out!!

LOCATION: Jura Creek

Map to Mount Yamnuska

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